Without Clarity, Your Message Is Just More Noise.
Spoiler alert: your audience doesn't need more noise. They need your Message breaking through the noise to solve their problems.
The M3 Clarity Online Experience can help you step out from the crowd in three key areas:
Go from Invisible Expert to Rising Thought Leader In Your Industry With an Impossible-to-Ignore Message
Dial in your exact purpose for why you want to be seen as a thought leader - you may be wasting time, money, and energy sharing the wrong Message!
Learn who your exact audience is, what they're like, and how they expect you to show up in their news feeds, inboxes, and media.
What does your audience need to hear from you? The M3 Clarity Online Experience will help you identify the exact Message you can share with your audience and in what way.
What to Expect With the M3 Clarity Online Experience
The M3 Clarity Online Experience is not just another online course. By choosing to say "Yes!" to the M3 Clarity Online Experience, you will:
  • Create a passionate, intentional Manifesto to provide clarity and drive your influence so you know what truly matters to you and your audience.
  • ​Develop your customized Audience Profile and know exactly who wants and needs to hear from you. No more guesswork, no more missed opportunities.
  • ​Learn the best brain science-based ethical persuasion techniques for crafting a powerful message that you can fulfill with your proven products or services.
  • ​Understand the exact equation for creating powerful content that provides the most value to your audience with the best possible content even if you have zero free time to create new content!
  • ​Dig into the four main content types and know which content type is the best fit for your personality, your Message, and your audience. No more wasting time, money, and energy creating ho-hum, vanilla-flavored content.
State of the Thought Leader Assessment | Keynote Content with Jon Cook
Intro: The M3 Clarity Framework
  • Module Content: Our Introduction is a high-level overview of the M3 Clarity framework. We work through the current industry climates for speakers, coaches, consultants, trainers, and niche-focused thought leaders. We'll also talk through where you may be finding yourself 'stuck' as a thought leader. You will know what to expect for the following modules and how you measure up as a rising thought leader in your industry.
  • Action Step: Complete the State of the Thought Leader Assessment.
  • Community Touchpoint: Share your initial Thought Leader Clarity Score with our M3 Clarity Community. This is a great starting point, and no, it's not a comparison game.:)
Module 1: Manifesto
  • Module Content: We'll focus on the power of a Manifesto compared to a mission statement. You will learn about the key ingredients for creating your own Manifesto to guide your business into the future. This will give you clarity, inspiration, and a trusty lens for evaluating your impact.
  • Action Step: Create the first draft of your new Manifesto using our Thought Leader Manifesto template.
  • Community Touchpoint: Share the first draft of your new Manifesto inside our M3 Clarity Community so others can encourage and provide feedback as you refine your new Manifesto.
Module 2: Market
  • Module Content: What's keeping your audience awake at night and why? Module 2 is a deep-dive into getting to know your audience better than they may even know themselves. You will start identifying the exact words, emotions, and experiences your audience is wrestling through before hearing your Message.
  • Action Step: Complete the Thought Leader Manifesto-to-Market Matrix.
  • Community Touchpoint: Share your results and 'a-ha' moments from the Thought Leader Manifesto-to-Market Matrix with our M3 Clarity Community.
Module 3: Brain Science-Based Persuasion With a Conscience
  • Module Content: How do you know what your audience is thinking? By understanding how the human brain is wired to receive influence. With great power comes great responsibility, which is why we carefully explore the four base chemicals our brains crave during Module 3. You will learn how to strengthen your Message without using manipulation or sales sleaze.
  • Action Step: Review our checklist "100 Words and Phrases Guaranteed to Strengthen Your Message as a Thought Leader".
  • Community Touchpoint: Identify the top two brain chemicals your audience is wanting to experience and which product or service you can offer that will ethically deliver on what your audience desires from you. Share your list of five to 10 words that you want to use to start articulating your Message with your Market.
The Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan | Keynote Content with Jon Cook
Module 4: The Thought Leader Messaging Equation
  • Module Content: How does your audience expect you to show up in their newsfeeds and inboxes? Your Message has the power to change someone's life. How do you know which content style is the right for your audience and your personality type? Module 4 focuses on assessing your current message quality and impact. You will learn the exact, proven steps for improving the quality and reach of your content to better serve your audience.
  • Action Step: Complete Part 1 of the Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan.
  • Community Touchpoint: Review your evaluation results from the Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan and share with our M3 Clarity Community.
The Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan | Keynote Content with Jon Cook
Module 5: On Content
  • Module Content: We start to answer huge time-saving questions like: What type(s) of content are you creating? What type of content will your audience love? Who's creating what? Where is it getting distributed? How are you tracking its impact?
  • Action Step: Implement action steps from your Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan to start creating your next 90 days of content.
  • Community Touchpoint: Review your content progress and direction from your Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan.
The Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan | Keynote Content with Jon Cook
Module 6: Serving Your Market
  •  Module Content: Your audience needs to know how you can solve what's missing in their lives. How do they know the value you bring as a thought leader unless you consistently share your thoughts through great content? Module 6 is a deep dive into being a concierge for your audience, marketing funnels, creating an online sales experience, and how to use speaking to share and grow your Message.
  • Action Step: Start using the Podcast-Winning Marketing Machine to get on more podcasts as a guest.
  • Community Touchpoint: Share the results from using the Podcast-Winning Marketing Machine.
What Makes the M3 Clarity Online Experience Different?
Did you know that the average online course completion rate is only 3%? Three percent?! 

If you're looking for just another online course, M3 Clarity probably isn't for you. We have a private Facebook group community where you can ask questions, share where you're stuck, and get the information you need.

What happens if you're still not getting the information you need inside our private Facebook group?

You also get Jon Cook's direct contact info for the really difficult questions. That might sound like a horrible idea, but do you know what sounds worse? You not getting the results you need to grow your impact as a thought leader in your industry!

Your success is our goal for this online experience!
What's Included With M3 Clarity Online Experience
You get an amazing amount of value with M3 Clarity, including:
  • Eight video-based modules with workshop-style action steps to create actual results
  • A library of powerful resources to help customize M3 Clarity for your business
  • Templates, swipe files, and frameworks to help kickstart your results
  • Starter Checklists for which podcast and video equipment may be the best fit for your budget and style - no more wasting time, money, and energy trying to find the 'right' camera or microphone; we've got you covered.
  • Private Facebook group community where you can get the answers you need and get un-stuck
  • Jon Cook, your host for the M3 Clarity Online Experience, will share his cell number to help you with the more difficult questions
What's Your Cost?
By signing up for the M3 Clarity Online Experience, you will receive lifetime access. All of the templates, worksheets, resources, and exclusive access to our private Facebook group community are included with your one-time purchase. What if you're skeptical? What if you don't like what we have to offer with the M3 Clarity Online Experience? We will give you back 100% of your money within 30 days of purchase.

If you're serious about creating a powerful, integrity-driven connection with your audience, this is your answer.
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